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Oct 2018

Episode 51- The Hancock Boys.. Torun GP Predictions!

Tune in and hear the Torun GP Predictions right from the The Hancock Boys. This is cool yet entertaining insight from Greg's boys Wilbur, Bill and Karl giving their opinions and predictions on the results for the final round of the World Championship in Torun coming up this Saturday. They also elaborate on who they believe will get the 4 nominated Wildcard positions for the 2019 World Speedway Championship Grand Prix. Interesting... Thanks for listening. Grin 2 Win!! 

Sep 2018

Episode 50- It didn’t go to plan!

Somtimes things just don't go to plan. This last week of racing the Swedish Finals just did not go to plan at all. It's been a great season of successful racing for Dackarna, Målilla however, what happened in round 1 is not what was expected. Get the story from Greg here in Episode 50! Thanks for listening and "Grin 2 Win"!

Sep 2018

Episode 49- It’s not just about Speedway!

For Greg, Speedway is a career, job, ambition and hobby but its not the only thing in life. Wives, partners and families play such a major role in our daily lives including speedway. Greg talks in brief about his life in the fast paced speedway world (his job) and how he tries compromise that with his wife and family. There are awlays ups and downs but communication is the key, he says.....  

Sep 2018

Making the Finals!

Welcome to Episode 48 of the Reel45 Podcast. Greg and Stefan take a recap of the week gone by with the Slovenian Grand Prix, Polish League Semi Finals, Swedish Elite League Semi Finals and the unfortunate injury to Patryk Dudek during the clash with Västervik last Tuesday. It has been an eventful week to say the least and that included a lot of travelling to and from Race events throughout Europe. Enjoy the content and see you next week. Grin2Win!

Sep 2018

Episode 47 - What happens in the van stays in the van

Motorcycle racers spend much time in their vans or race transporters. There is a lot that happens behind the closed doors. Do you ever wonder what goes on in the van? It might a race celebration or facing the agony of defeat. No matter what, many discussions take place as well as sharing the confidential information of the event ahead or the event that just finished. We are giving you the chance to join Greg for an experience of what goes on inside the van along with a live Reel45 Podcast together with both Greg and Stefan. Listen in and pay attention to our @reel45podcast social media for more details.

Thanks for listening and Grin 2 Win!!

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Aug 2018

Episode 46- I Wanna Go Fast!

Welcome to the Reel45 Podcast and Episode 46- I wanna Go Fast! Greg takes you into the pits with his mechanics and a little behind the scenes preview of how he goes fast. The relationship between Greg and his mechanics is the key to making him fast. We decided to involve our listeners and fans of Greg by asking them to write in with questions that you would like Greg to answer. We were delighted at the feedback generated from this and will do much more of it. Enjoy this informational episode with a solo Greg. Thanks for listening. Grin2Win......

Aug 2018

Episode 45- Bruce Penhall/The Real 45

This is the Episode that Greg has been waiting for. Well, we have have been building up to Episode 45 and trying to determine what guest we would approach. Of course it was an easy choice with 2x World Speedway Champion, Hollywood Actor and a great mentor/hero to Greg: Bruce Penhall! As a kid, Greg wanted the number 45 which came from his hero Bruce Penhall and has stuck with him throughout his career to date. In the world of speedway, most people know who the number 45 belongs to but what more lies behind it?? 

This podcast brought out some interesting yet truthful stories that many don't know and that includes Greg. Much success with racing, a great Hollywood career, and family man who had a hard time getting away from racing. Following the tragic accident with Bruce's youngest son Connor, life changed quickly for the Penhall family and you too should hear how. 

We could not make the trip to California to get this podcast with Bruce so it was done over a weblink which went pretty good most of the way but we ended with a severly disrupted signal at the later stage of the Podcast. We considered re-recording the podcast but the content that we got from Bruce relating to the family and accident involving his son Connor was so touching that we could not do that again and have it spelled out so clearly. Please, please accept our apologies with the late disruptions but do not be discouraged from listening to this touching story. Bruce Penhall is a true legend... 


Thanks for listening. Reel 45

Aug 2018

Episode 44- Michael Teurnberg! Time to move on?

Michael Teurberg created a name for himself by taking Rospiggarna Speedway back to the top of the Elite Series in Sweden. He always gives 100% and has become quite the visionary. He continued to dream big and then was given the opportunity to present Hallstavik with the possibility of hosting a round of the World Championship Speedway Grand Prix in 2018. Not only did he do that but he gave the stadium a complete renovation and lifted the town in the process. After rebuiding Rospiggarna Speedway, renovating the stadium in Hallstavik and then providing a top class Speedway GP Event, is it time to move on for Micke? Listen to this interesting story of the man behind the Rospiggs. 

Aug 2018

Episode 43 - Managing Gollob with Tomasz Gazinski

Not many people get a chance to hear from Tomasz Gazinski. We are pleased that he gave  us his time to talk all about his life growing up in the USA before moving to Bydgoszcz, Poland. This eventually led him to become the manager of 2010 Speedway World Champion and Polish legend Tomasz Gollob. Gazinski elaborates on how his original family roots emigrated to the USA back in 1939 to avoid  future war conflicts etc. He also explains his move back to Poland including his transition into Speedway before becoming the manager of Tomasz Gollob. The secrets that have surrounded the Polish star are those which we all have tried to figure out and Tomasz Gazinski explains to us some of the situations he’s encountered throughout their long time relationship/friendship. Truly interesting... Enjoy this episode! You will hear various stories about the past and present times.  Thank you again Tomasz Gazinski! ✊🏻

Aug 2018

Episode 42 - The Speedway Candy Shop

Welcome to the Speedway Candy Shop called "Joe Hughes International"! We recorded a live webcast this week together with Morgan Hughes who owns and operates Speedway's largest parts supply store. They are the distributors of a large catalague of speedway spares and sell to numerous countries around the world. It's the one stop shop for everything you need to race speedway. Morgan and Greg became friends in 1989 when Greg first started his career for Cradley Heath in the UK. Morgan's father Joe became a friend and sponsor of Greg's from day and that family friendship has grown over the years. The speedway family is huge and its no wonder why after hearing it from someone like Morgan. 

Thanks for listening and tune in next week for another great episode..