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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Mar 2020

Episode 63- Lance King! Where it all began, Retirement and Still riding together.

Greg catches up with "Lance King" longtime friend, mentor and influencer. They talk of Lance's growing up, racing life, father figures and mentoring Greg as well as influencing the future of American Speedway. It's an in depth look into the life of Lance King and his desire to race bikes, working with father-son matters as well as making it on his own. An interesting story.. Thanks for listening and be sure to like, comment and share the Reel45Podcast on social media. #lanceking , #drivingedge

Feb 2020

Episode 62- Racing Through Life, Cameron Evans

Stefan and I catch up and chat with my longtime friend and former Jr Speedway buddy Cameron Evans. Cameron is a wealth of knowledge in both the Motorsport and Life. He started racing in GoCarts then to Speedway followed by a long/successful business career in the World of Motorsport. He's been involved in everything from Commentating, Magazine Editor, TV Production, Marketing, CEO of Red Line Oil and currently CEO of Niteo Products. All this and Cameron continues to racing cars both here in the USA and in Europe. He's truly an amazing/ Super Positive individual with some rad stories. Enjoy the Podcast with Cameron Evans. Remember to like and share the Reel45 Podcast. Thanks for listening. Greg and Stefan

Oct 2019

Episode 61- It’s Just a Challenge!

We're Back!! After nearly a year off recording together and taking on new challenges all around, Reel45 is back on air.. Greg and Stefan elaborate in detail all that has gone on over the last year including life changes as well as the last 7 months for Greg's wife battling breast cancer. There's a new normal on the horizon for these Dudes. Thanks for listening. 







Mar 2019

Episode 60- Winning! Life Changes- Eat more donut holes…

Welcome back to the Reel45 Podcast. After a lengthy break, Stefan and Greg jump back into the Podcast and begin with the life changes. You never know what lies on the other side of the fence but sometimes its a worthy scale. We all like to win so just remember one thing: "Eat More Donut Holes" and you will feel like a winner. :() Thanks for listening and enjoy... 


#greghancock #speedway #winning #life #podcast #reel45


Dec 2018

Episode 59- Jacob “Big Jack” Olsen. Son Of Ole. Bringing back the 1 Day World Final??

We caught up with Jacob Olsen recently to discuss his long time friendship with Greg, from their early years of racing against each other between Cradley Heath and Coventry in the UK. They also discussed Jacob's latest plans with his take over of Vojens Speedway Center and living up to being the son of Ole Olsen, the former World Speedway Champion and creator of the Speedway Grand Prix. Very interesting to hear Jacob's views on living under Ole's legacy however this new venture is all about Jacob Olsen this time. Will there be another One Day World Final?? Enjoy and thank you for listening.  






Nov 2018

Episode 58- Be Thankful!

Greg has been on the road and in the air this week. It's the Thanksgiving Holiday period in the USA so he takes advantage of being airborne and records the first Reel 45 Podcast from the sky. It's all about being "Thankful" this time of the year as it always is. Enjoy listening and see you next week on the Reel 45 Podcast. Thanks for listening. Grin 2 Win...

Nov 2018

Episode 57- “Tis the Silly Season”

Welcome. Greg has a solo Podcast this week talking about the Speedway Silly Season including all contracts, rules and regulations. There is always something new on the line. :) Thanks for listening. Grin 2 Win!

Nov 2018

Episod 56- No more left turns!

It's time to catch up. The racing season is over but the Podcast is full steam ahead. Time to stop turning left for awhile. We never know what's coming up or who we are going to meet but we always have something to talk about.  Haha, enjoy listening. Grin to Win!

#speedway #GregHancock

Nov 2018

Episode 55- It’s Gotta Be 500cc/ Marcel Gerhard GTR

This is a great listen. Marcel Gerhard! The Suisse Longtrack Legend and creator of "GTR" the new generation Twin Cam engine for speedway, Longtrack and Grasstrack tells his inspiring story of growing up in an MX Family. As a young kid, he grew up learning all about building 500cc motorcycle engines and quickly ventured out of Switzerland to join a well know German tuner within the world of Speedway and Longtrack. There he continued learning and gathering valuable experience as well as developing his own career as a Longtrack racer which led to a World Title. In recent years, he has turned his successes into a full time engine tuner with a roster of titles  to show for it. He is also on the brink of revolutionising the sport with his new GTR Racing Engine. This podcast is long but well worth hearing. Sit back and enjoy this very informational story. Marcel is a very clever man. Thanks for listening and Grin 2 Win!    

Oct 2018

Episode 54- Sponsors and Respect. NGK Spark Plugs

Greg takes a recap on the 2019 season together with his long time sponsor NGK SPARK PLUGS UK. The intro here is hacked by the Flying Fajita (#22) and Mac Daddy (#117) as they try to steal the hosting of this episode. It all comes down to respect!





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