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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Aug 2018

Episode 45- Bruce Penhall/The Real 45

August 24, 2018

This is the Episode that Greg has been waiting for. Well, we have have been building up to Episode 45 and trying to determine what guest we would approach. Of course it was an easy choice with 2x World Speedway Champion, Hollywood Actor and a great mentor/hero to Greg: Bruce Penhall! As a kid, Greg wanted the number 45 which came from his hero Bruce Penhall and has stuck with him throughout his career to date. In the world of speedway, most people know who the number 45 belongs to but what more lies behind it?? 

This podcast brought out some interesting yet truthful stories that many don't know and that includes Greg. Much success with racing, a great Hollywood career, and family man who had a hard time getting away from racing. Following the tragic accident with Bruce's youngest son Connor, life changed quickly for the Penhall family and you too should hear how. 

We could not make the trip to California to get this podcast with Bruce so it was done over a weblink which went pretty good most of the way but we ended with a severly disrupted signal at the later stage of the Podcast. We considered re-recording the podcast but the content that we got from Bruce relating to the family and accident involving his son Connor was so touching that we could not do that again and have it spelled out so clearly. Please, please accept our apologies with the late disruptions but do not be discouraged from listening to this touching story. Bruce Penhall is a true legend... 


Thanks for listening. Reel 45