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Aug 2018

Episode 42 - The Speedway Candy Shop

Welcome to the Speedway Candy Shop called "Joe Hughes International"! We recorded a live webcast this week together with Morgan Hughes who owns and operates Speedway's largest parts supply store. They are the distributors of a large catalague of speedway spares and sell to numerous countries around the world. It's the one stop shop for everything you need to race speedway. Morgan and Greg became friends in 1989 when Greg first started his career for Cradley Heath in the UK. Morgan's father Joe became a friend and sponsor of Greg's from day and that family friendship has grown over the years. The speedway family is huge and its no wonder why after hearing it from someone like Morgan. 

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Jul 2018

Episode 41 - Vaycay every day

Greg have some days of and enjoying the Sunny weather in Sweden. He visited Stefan and his family on the small island Singö where they spend most of the summers. This is a conversation between Greg and Stefan about all and nothing as it should be on vacations. Relaxing and reflecting.

Hope you enjoy it and that you have some vacation and recovery.

Jul 2018

Episode 40 - I am Bill

I am Bill! We finally had a sit down with Greg's middle son Bill Hancock so that he could share his story with us. Listen to him tell you why it's soccer and not speedway for this young, energetic kid who's full of life as well as a great critic. :() He will also elaborate on his "Good Sweden" too.. '


Thanks for listening and see you next week. Grin 2 Win!! 

Jul 2018

Episode 39 - I made it to the podium!

Just days after the successful Speedway GP Event in Hallstavik, Sweden we do a recap about our overall opinion of it. Greg had a rough start to the GP but finished well and narrowly missing out on the final. A podium place was not achieved by Greg but Stefan actually made the podium himself. Here his legendary story of the newly organized VIP Experience from BSI and Monster Energy which took Stefan all the way to the Podium.

Thanks for listening to Episode 39.

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Jul 2018

Episode 38- They Need to be Grounded! Erik Gundersen

This week, Greg was in Horsens, Denmark for the Danish Speedway GP and Stefan was on regular duties back in Norrtälje. On route to Horsens Greg made time to stop into Tjæreborg, Denmark and visit his longtime friend and big hero/mentor Erik Gundersen along with his wife Helle at their home.

From the early days of Greg’s European career riding in the same team with Erik to having the opportunity to live in the same house with Erik and Helle in his second season and less than a year after Erik’s career ending neck injury, it’s quite a story. Erik continues to be a hero for Greg and is the current coach/trainer/mentor to the future Danish Speedway stars.

Erik, Helle and Greg take a step back in time to talk about their careers and the life they’ve led up to present day. Erik elaborated his thoughts about teaching the kids including Greg back in the day as well as how important it is to get them grounded. You will love hearing these motivational words coming directly from the Main Dane himself. It’s no wonder why he is so well liked, admired and respected in life and in speedway.

Listen in and see you next week! 

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Jun 2018

Episode 37 - On a mission

Stefan and Greg were recently put on a mission from Visit Roslagen in Norrtälje, Sweden to see and do as much as possible in the Roslagen Area and all in one day. After a brief vacation from racing for Greg, the Speedway GP resumes in Horsens, Denmark this Saturday and then he goes straight back into GP action again one week later in Hallstavik, Roslagen for the Swedish Speedway GP. In this episode, they talk about the brief summer vacation as well as the build up to the weeks ahead including the exiting future podcast with the "Great" Erik Gundersen. Listen up and enjoy this episode. Be Good Peoples! :() 

Link to the Världsklass Roslagen movie on YouTube:

Jun 2018

Episode 36- Meet The Press! Pove Persson/Norrtälje Tidning-Newspaper

Episode 36- Meet The Press! 


Join us for this entertaining yet informative conversation with Pove Persson from Sweden’s Norrtälje Tidning newspaper. Many journalists from the press have a tough job to get the story the want or need and we did all that we could to trap Pove into telling us all about it. Many riders are easy to get the interview but there are also numerous that can be difficult or make you feel like you are talking to yourself as we (Reel45) put it. As we began our Podcast with Pove, he was also trying to get that interview from Greg at the same time so it seemed like he tried to trap us instead! :) Greg and Pove have a long time business relationship which has turned into a friendship at the same time. There is a lot of sarcasm within their relationship so it leaves many to wonder “whats on the record or whats off the record”????!!! Listen here and decide for yourself. 


Norrtälje Tidning is a newspaper from the Roslagen area of Sweden and are giving great coverage for Rospiggarna Speedway. They are also promoting the build up the first ever Speedway GP in Hallstavik on July 7th. Pove is a key link to the world of speedway media throughout Sweden and an amazing ambassador for the sport let alone many other sports. We want to Thank him hugely for giving us the time to elaborate on his line of work. 


Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next week. 


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Jun 2018

Speedway of Nations!! A Wasted Journey!

We all learn from our mistakes and sometimes don't think before we speak. In this Episode 35, Stefan asks Greg about a recent situation that occurred within Team USA directly after the Speedway of Nations in Teterow, Germany.  After reading an article in a UK Speedway magazine about a Wasted journey for Greg's Team partner in that event, Stefan decided to put Greg on the spot to ask his opinion or response to the disturbing comments made against Greg and the whole Team USA crew. It's an eye opener all around and leaves Greg to wonder who really had the Wasted Journey! Thanks for listening and please follow us on Podbean, Itunes and Acast or follow our social media @real45podcast and give us a like or even a comment. 


Keep it sideways and "Grin 2 Win"!

Jun 2018

Episode 34 - Roslagen: The world class country life

Greg and Stefan become World Class Vikings!

Thanks for joining us for Episode 34- Roslagen: The World Class Country Life. With the Speedway GP in Hallstavik coming up on July 7th, we had an interesting yet inspiring invitation to tour the Roslagen community and show everyone all that can be done while visiting this beautiful part of Sweden. Greg's neighbor, Therese Carlström works with in Norrtälje, Sweden and plays a major role in organising this great film feature together with Sound and Vision Norrtälje. Stefan and Greg spent a day visiting numerous places in Roslagen and took part in many amazing Swedish cultural activities as well as catching up with some of the locals to learn more about Roslagen and what makes it so #worldclass or #världsklass as they say in Sweden. Look out for the hashtags #världsklassroslagen or #worldclassroslagen in the weeks ahead. Be sure to follow the social media channels and catch this cool film feature when its released. Thanks again for listening and see you next week. Grin 2 Win!

May 2018

Episode 33- Speedway Of Nations!

This week marks Greg’s return to the USA Team for the inaugural Speedway of Nations event. Team USA begin their qualification chances in Teterow, Germany this Saturday June 2nd with high hopes for reaching the 2 day finals in Wroclaw, Poland on June 8-9! Greg was due to be teamed up with the young up and coming “Lil missile” Luke Becker but a crash in Denmark last week has ended his chances of teaming up with his mentor

Luke once again joins the show this week to express his disappointment and the what the future holds for him. Greg also analyses Team USA’s chances as well as what it’s like to be back in the game with his National Flag proudly portrayed on his chest once again. As always, it’s an inspiring conversation led by Stefan. Thanks for listening and see you all next week. Keep it sideways and Grin2Win! ✌🏼

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