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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Jun 2018

Episode 34 - Roslagen: The world class country life

June 7, 2018

Greg and Stefan become World Class Vikings!

Thanks for joining us for Episode 34- Roslagen: The World Class Country Life. With the Speedway GP in Hallstavik coming up on July 7th, we had an interesting yet inspiring invitation to tour the Roslagen community and show everyone all that can be done while visiting this beautiful part of Sweden. Greg's neighbor, Therese Carlström works with in Norrtälje, Sweden and plays a major role in organising this great film feature together with Sound and Vision Norrtälje. Stefan and Greg spent a day visiting numerous places in Roslagen and took part in many amazing Swedish cultural activities as well as catching up with some of the locals to learn more about Roslagen and what makes it so #worldclass or #världsklass as they say in Sweden. Look out for the hashtags #världsklassroslagen or #worldclassroslagen in the weeks ahead. Be sure to follow the social media channels and catch this cool film feature when its released. Thanks again for listening and see you next week. Grin 2 Win!