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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Jan 2018

The Real Sissy!

January 19, 2018

Welcome to Episode 14 "The Real Sissy"! A cool family story that outlines the life of Carrie "Sis" Hancock and what it was like to be the youngest of the siblings and also the only sister to the Hancock Boys. She grew up like any young girl but you wouldnt find just Barbie Dolls and dresses in her closet. Sissy was with her brothers every step of the way riding dirt bikes, bicycles, skateboards, washing bikes and leathers. She was also probably helping them to do their homework from time to time. She had the caring, helpful, mother instinct from day 1 yet one of the hardest working women you can find. Growing up around the speedway tracks installed a large network into Sissy's world which led her to work with and run a business for American Speedway World Champion and legend "Bruce Penhall", business with another Speedway legend "Mark Cherry and curently plays a large role in a business called Baja Tours owned by  former Honda HRC man and industry legend "Chris Haines".  She is no slouch and still one of, if not the biggest fan of brothers Greg and Dave. You have to listen to her story of growing up with her brothers, watching Greg leave his homeland to pursue an international motorcycle racing career, watching older brother Dave make a move to Illinois and become the lone sibling taking on life in California. It's a great listen... :() 

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