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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Apr 2018

Episode 28 - Making Magic

April 26, 2018

This week’s episode 28 is with Maciej Janowski and we are calling it: “Making Magic”! Everyone knows my log time relationship with Magic and this is truly one of the most awaited episodes that I’ve wanted. He is such an amazing kid with a huge heart and massive love for the game. I’ve had the pleasure of helping him a little on his run up to the current day but it has to be said that Magic has made it on his own. My mechanic Rafal Haj picked up Magic from an early age of about 12 years old and introduced him to me when he was 13. Magic has always had the look in his eye and that’s what had me sold on the kid from day one. He could not even speak english when we first met but he has grown to be a great human being and a massive star in his home country of Poland. I am proud to say that I know Maciej Janowski and will stand behind him always. Even though we compete against each other, we have a huge mutual respect for one another. Watch him continue to grow!! - Greg Hancock

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