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Reel45 Podcast with Greg Hancock and Stefan Juhnell - Speedway

Mar 2018

Episode 24- Speedway Best Pairs

March 30, 2018

Episode 24 was recorded on Sunday evening March 25th over a web link from the Hotel lobby in Gdansk, Poland. Greg was joined by Jack Holder and Darryl “Dizz” Thornton from Monster Energy Europe. Greg and Jack along with Pawel Przedpelski were teamed up for the Monster Energy Team at the Speedway Best Pairs last Sunday. Pawel couldn’t be with us but Darryl “Dizz” was our Team Manager replacing Monster Joe who was at another event in the desert.

We had a cool and very casual chat about the Speedway Best Pairs, Jack Holder’s season ahead, what it’s like for Dizz to work for Monster Energy as well as his role with the company and at the Speedway Best Pairs in Torun. We believe that you will

Love this episode. After you hear it, you will see that we will definitely have a follow up episode with Jack Holder! 😉😬 Cool and rather comedic at the same time.

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Grin2Win and See you next week in the Reel45 Podcast!