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Feb 2018

Episode 19 - “California’s Not Going Anywhere”!

February 22, 2018

Welcome to this weeks Episode 19- “California’s Not Going Anywhere”! This Episode is a cool story about the American riders who have been to Europe for a year or more as well as those who have not yet made the hop across the water to chase their dreams and why. Many people continuously ask me why there are not more Americans in Europe and what’s going on with American Speedway. Here you will get the story straight from the sources:

Greg - Not Really the Past :()
Ricky - The Present
Max and Dillon Ruml - The Future

Whether its life, family, friends or just the comforts of home what is holding them back? It’s interesting, amusing and slightly emotional when you hear the story of Max Ruml taking on not only his own responsibilities of life and racing but also the father figure role to step up and help to support his own brother starting at age 19. This kid holds a lot inside yet is the most organized and kind hearted kid you could meet. Enjoy the episode!

We really want to thank Ricky, Max and Dillon for taking the time to give us their life stories to date and to share their thoughts about racing and chasing the dream.. These are some amazing individuals and we wish them the best of luck in all they do.

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